Future Projects

Term-time 2012-2013 is attempting to implement different small sustainability projects, relating to the criteria proposed by the Edinburgh Sustainability Awards. These include changes such as limiting the use of café fridges and the kitchen freezer, and starting up a waste monitoring program. Small projects relating mostly to the daily routine of running the theatre are being undertaken to take another step towards eco-friendliness, since committing to participation in the Green Venues Initiative.

One of the project areas envisioned for the future, which has been discussed extensively with the Sustainability Office of the University, relates to the energy consumption outwith of show hours. The use of natural light through the first-level windows would reduce the consumption of electricity through artificial light. Changes to the building such as curtain systems to allow the use of natural light and other conversions to accommodate environmentally friendly initiatives can be undertaken in periods of intensive preparation such as the Fringe festival.

The theatre has begun investing in the use of electronic programmes for certain shows, which reduces the use of paper for printed programmes. These can be scanned with certain smartphone apps and provide access to a detailed show programme.