This show finished on Tuesday 31 March 1998, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Tuesday 01 April - Tuesday 31 March

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Cast and Crew

Phillip Buck
Chris Mounsey
Amnesty International Speaker
Louise Carlin
Artistic Director
Adam Speers
1st Violin
Juliette Bigley
2nd Violin
Jacob Spence
Alexis Bennett
Peter Harvey
Uta Staiger
Production Team
Annabel Wright
Production Team
Laura Mc Leod
Production Team
Catherine Wyler
Stage Manager
Pheobe Tait
Stage Management Team
Alison Thackeray
Stage Management Team
Rachel Chapman
Stage Management Team
Sadie Speers
Stage Management Team
Liz Bouler
Technical Manager
Will Handford
Paulina Salas
Charlotte Phillips
Gerardo Escobar
Alex Kerr
Roberto Miranda
Ed Warren