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How the Other Half Love

Monday 21 January 2019

As a blimp powered by true love falls from the sky, its passengers must tell their most romantic tales to reboot the ...

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The Improverts Go To London

Monday 07 January - Wednesday 09 January 2019

The Improverts, Edinburgh Fringe’s longest running improv comedy show, are heading to London! We’re returning to the ...

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Friday 16 November - Sunday 18 November 2018

THIS HOUSE IS CLOSING DOWN is a new writing play, to be performed at the Inter-University Drama Festival (IUDF) in Gl...

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Bedfest 2018: Black Comedy

Monday 22 January - Friday 26 January 2018

The lights are out. The furniture is stolen. Nothing is as it seems. Will Brindsley Miller be able to keep the guests...

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Bedfest 2018: About a Goth

Wednesday 24 January 2018

A short play about a young man who volunteers in old people’s homes, and suffers paroxyms of love and hate for the re...

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Bedfest 2018: The Guest

Tuesday 23 January 2018

THE GUEST is an experiment on the human psyche amidst veiled morality and bigotry. A chamber drama with a sharp twist...

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