Friends of Bedlam

Bedlamite Fergus Deery is looking for anyone who was around during the ‘Save ... Read More

Happy Holidays!

It’s been a fantastic year over in the chilly Bedlam Theatre, full of sensati... Read More


You do not want to miss this show - two 4 stars - Coriolanus is a fantastic production and a prime example of the t… https://t.co/9GIr3yGXcL 19:26 10/11/16

Get along to Bedlam tomorrow at 22.30- @theimproverts have something spooky lined up for you https://t.co/7rRNNcV9xD #impbusters #halloween 22:15 27/10/16

A musical is in the house next week, 5th & 6th October. [title of show] promises to raise the roof. Tickets here: https://t.co/TW4xRpPOTH 15:15 01/10/16


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