What Can You Do?

Check out the Opportunities page for a list of ways to get involved. Not all opportunities are on there, so check out our Facebook Group and subscribe to our mailing list to stay up-to-date!


Whether you’re an Olivier-Award-winning stage veteran or are yet to tread the boards, our Open Auditions are just that – open to all! Auditions are held at least thrice every semester, after new shows are passed at our General Meetings. No experience or preparation is necessary, but you might find it useful to take a look at our Audition FAQs.

Auditions are announced on our Facebook and through the newsletter. Anyone is welcome to audition at Bedlam Theatre. Only once you are involved in a show, whether it is on or off stage, you are required to buy membership.

For more information, head to the EUTC Wiki here.


For more information about directing a show at Bedlam, please contact the Productions Manager or head to the EUTC Wiki here.

You can usually propose a show yourself, find someone looking for a director, or become an assistant director by keeping an eye out for call-outs in our Facebook Members Group.


Producing is all about marketing and publicity, the budget (including show rights) and everything in between – all productions need someone to handle the budget, organise fundraisers, create publicity, and make sure that the seats get sold, often through a strong social media presence. It can be pretty tough work and you’re often chief organiser for the production, but the reward of seeing a packed-out house enjoying your production makes it worth all the effort!

Producers are often in need of assistants to help out with their various tasks. If you’d like to know more, drop our Marketing Manager or Productions Manager an email at [email protected] or [email protected].

For more info, check the article on the EUTC Wiki.

Stage Management

Stage Managers are a crucial part of any production team, and there’s plenty of demand for them at Bedlam! Stage managers are usually in charge of sourcing props, taking down blocking, and organising any scene changes or complicated choreography. They’re a link between the rehearsal team and the other aspects of the production. If you’re an experienced SM or you’re just looking for a place to assist and learn the ropes, we’ve likely got teams looking for you - come along to a company meeting or join the Facebook Group to hear about current opportunities, or email our Set Manager at [email protected].

Also check out the article on the EUTC Wiki here.


Sets at Bedlam vary from large-scale conversions of the entire space, to a table and a few chairs, and everything in between. We have the tools, resources, and community available to help anyone interested in set design, management or scenic carpentry get involved!

There is also more information and resources on the EUTC Wiki here.

Watch a timelapse of a recent set going up and down below!

Tool Training

Before you can use any of the tools in Bedlam you’ll need to be a member and get tool-trained by the Set Manager. This can usually be done at a get-in but also feel free to ask the Set Manager about organising a session at some other time. It’s handy to be tool trained if you’re interested in any aspect of backstage as it means you’re free to help out with anything at a get-in.

Some things covered in the training:
- Painting
- Using drills
- Using the bench saw
- Using the jig saw
- Using the track saw

If you have any Questions or want to know more don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Set Manager at [email protected]!


Bedlam technicians are responsible for all technical aspects of EUTC shows, from design to get-in, production, and operation.

For more information, check out the article on the EUTC Wiki here or join the Bedlam Techies! Facebook group. See the get-in section above to find out how to get involved!

Every year during Welcome Week we run several workshops on topics like lighting and sound. After Welcome Week, we launch into the semester with Freshers’ Play. This is a chance for new Bedlam members to have hands-on experience creating a show. It’s your chance to design a lighting rig, build soundscapes, fill the auditorium with haze, or whatever you can think of.

During the rest of the year, the show teams are always looking out for technicians, designers, and assistants. Assisting on a show is the best way to learn about tech managing, sound or lighting design, or other aspects of putting on a show at Bedlam. We also hold workshops throughout the semester which are announced in the Bedlam Techies group and the main Bedlam Facebook group.

If you’d like to get involved, join the Bedlam Techies group on Facebook or email [email protected].

Weekly Open Get-ins for Set and Tech

The best way to get involved is to come to the get-ins of the weekly shows performed at Bedlam. A get-in is the time when we prepare the theatre for the upcoming production. This involves building and painting sets while the technicians rig the lights and prepare the rest of the technical equipment. Some shows will have more to do than others but there will usually be a job you can do. The best way to find out what’s going on is to join the Bedlam Techies Facebook group and check out any get-in events posted there.


Bedlam provides exciting opportunities for those interested in the way costuming works for the stage; be it design, construction or sourcing. As we have a constant cycle of multiple shows being put on each week there’s a lot of variety in the type of costumes needing to be sourced and made.

We maintain resources in the form of or wardrobe and various contacts with other theatre societies and costume/students at Edinburgh College of Art.

Contact our Wardrobe Manager on [email protected] for information on hiring costumes for a show, becoming involved with a show, or to be put in touch with costume designers and makers. Also check out the article on the EUTC Wiki here.


New writing is one of the cornerstones of our company. We seek to encourage new writing from our members and promote its performance on the stage. Our annual pantomime is always new writing and our show line-up will typically feature a balance of new writing and other productions.

The Bedlam Festival in January and Fresher’s Week often see many performances from first time writers. In many years there has been a 24 Hour Play at the Bedlam Festival, where anyone can sign up to write at the start with no experience required. Details of any special writing events will also be announced on our website and through our weekly company email.

Any proposals of new writing are proposed in the same way as any other show at a General Meeting. For more information regarding upcoming writing events, advice about how to write for the stage and to find out how to get your new writing put on at Bedlam, please contact the Productions Manager.

Also check out the article on the EUTC Wiki here.


Occasionally, our shows include music! Check out the EUTC wiki for more information here.