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Tuesday 22 March - Saturday 26 March 2016

“We’re not beginning to… to… mean something?” “Mean something! You and I, mean something! Ah that’s a good one!”

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Saturday 27 February 2016

A showcase of short, new writing from the EUTC’s up and coming writers.

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Little Black Raincloud

Wednesday 24 February - Thursday 25 February 2016

“The nature of the explosion at Paddington Station has not been ascertained. A terrorist attack has not been ruled out."

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Wednesday 10 February 2016

“We are all filled with evil, we spew it into the world. We breathe our poisons into each other until we have turned bodies to ashes, and earth to ice.”

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Wednesday 27 January - Thursday 28 January 2016

‘The home you thought you had, the place you thought you came from, the person you thought you were…Gone past. Dust on the breeze’

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Jam Sandwich

Wednesday 20 January - Saturday 23 January 2016

Ask your parents for a box of juice, grab a crustless sandwich, and turn on the tele box!

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Multi-media in Theatre

Friday 22 January 2016

A stage is one of the most flexible and exciting spaces you can work with. Come along to a relaxed exploration of the...

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Creative Lighting Design

Thursday 21 January 2016

A combination of demonstration, discussion and hands-on practice, this workshop led by some of the EUTC’s most experi...

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Painting Skills in Theatre

Wednesday 20 January 2016

From painting sets and props to designing, comfort with brushes and paints can be very useful in the theatre. We’ll c...

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