Student Theatre Companies

There are many other student theatre companies that make fantastic drama all over Edinburgh and beyond. Here are just a few of them:

Edinburgh University Student Theatre Companies

  Edinburgh University Theatre Company (EUTC)
This is us! The EUTC is the largest and oldest Edinburgh University theatre company, and runs the fully student-run Bedlam Theatre, putting on 40 shows a year of all sorts, along with a large number of workshops, socials, and other events in our own space.
  Edinburgh Studio Opera (ESO)
Since 1968, ESO have produced student opera in Edinburgh. Often producing one production a year, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved!
  EU Footlights
Founded in 1989, Footlights has a focus on musical theatre, and each year attempts to produce the largest student theatre production in Edinburgh, along with two other productions.
  EU Savoy Opera Group (EUSOG)
Edinburgh University’s second oldest theatre company, EUSOG since 1961 has produced many productions from the Savoy Operas of Gilbert and Sullivan, to classic and contemporary musicals. They typically put on three productions a year.
  Les Escogriffes
Les Escogriffes, or Edinburgh University French Theatre Society, has created french student theatre in Edinburgh since 1969. They produce at least one production a year, with many other socials and events for anyone interested in french theatre.
  Shakespeare Society (ShakeSoc)
Founded in 2009, ShakeSoc, or the EUSC, has been a society for shakespeare lovers who want to put on more shakespeare in Edinburgh. They do at least two productions a year, with plenty of socials and workshops in between.
  The Edinburgh Revue
The Edinburgh Revue is Edinburgh University’s comedy sketch and stand up society. Since 2006 they put on a large variety of shows and events for anyone to get involved.
Theatre Paradok Logo   Theatre Paradok
Theatre Paradok, since 2004, has been at the forefront of alternative and boundary pushing theatre. This has taken form in experimental art, radio plays, and site-specific theatre.

Student Theatre Festivals

  National Student Drama Festival (NSDF)
From 1956, NSDF has been hosting student theatre from around the country at their festival each April. The EUTC has participated many times in the past.
  Inter-University Drama Festival (IUDF)
Started in 2011 by student theatre companies from Bristol, Cambridge, Durham, and Oxford, IUDF is festival that is composed of mutliple theatre companies from multiple universities in the form of a competition, that is hosted in a new location each year. Bedlam Theatre hosted in 2016.
  Scottish Online Student Drama Festival (SOSDF)
SOSDF is the new (2021) online theatre festival for student theatre companies from around the country.