Old Kirk

Another Church converted into a theatre


Holyrood Road Edinburgh EH8 8JR


We never actually performed here but in 2003 we were offered to move from Bedlam to here. Built in 1882, the building has 2 complete floors with a stage on the first floor, a large concourse on the ground floor, and a small basement. It has sat undeveloped since the UoE and Moray House union for the past 20 years with many plans to develop it into something, mostly being a Postgraduate hub. Over the history it was a Church before being incorporated in the Moray House musical department venue.

The decision was taken to move there provided significant development, including the construction of a second floor for the tech box, but the cost associated were too much and the other partners pulled out. Overall the stage and auditorium were smaller, the location worse, but the cafe and backstage areas would have been much larger. See Save the Bedlam.

There are internal photos in the visit event.


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