The Barron Theatre

Formely the Crawford Centre


99 North Street St Andrews Fife KY16 9AD


The barron theatre was opened in 2008 as a University of St. Andrews student-run theatre, one of only 3 in the country. It was supported by a six figure fund that was given to the University of St. Andrews earmarked only for “Practical Theatre” and not academic. The space had been used in the past as an art centre.

To cut a long story short in December 2020 the building was closed and the mermaids (St. Andrews Drama Society) were relocated to a studio space in the Byre. This was a decision notoriously taken in secret after the upper echelons were presented with a paper that said that there was not enough money available and either the Barron or the Byre had to close, or they both would fail.

The alternative take was that there were certain fractions within the University that did not believe in the concept of the Barron while a certain high ranking member did. Once that certain member left the fractions conspired to shut the theatre for good.

Eitherway the former 55 seat theatre is currently being turned into administrative space for the Students’ Association of St. Andrews.

You can watch the Barron Theatre Open Forum here to gain more information if interested.


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