This workshop finished on Sunday 10 December 2017, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Sunday 10 December 2017


Bedlam Theatre




Ever watched a film only to find out afterwards that the actor with the thick American accent is actually British and speaks with a fancy posh accent in real life? Did it leave you in awe? Are you wondering how you could do the same? It’s your lucky day!

This workshop on how to do accents will teach you the basic tools to tackle any new accent. We will explore how to train your mouth muscles and your brain so that you can easily manipulate the way you speak, without the need to know any phonetic alphabets or to learn fixed sentences by heart. Even though this workshop will focus primarily on how to do any accent, you will also get the chance to practice a few key English accents including the differences between some of the most important accents in an actor’s inventory - ranging from General American to Received Pronunciation/Standard British English, via Standard Scottish English.

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