This workshop finished on Monday 11 October 2021, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

Intro to Archiving


Monday 11 October 2021


Bedlam Theatre




Lois Zon


Intro to Archiving is for everyone who wants to get involved with archiving at Bedlam!
There will be some general chat about the history of the building and the society, but the main focus will be on what we do as EUTC Archivists and how to get involved.
If by the end of the workshop you want to get involved, we’ll even be able to officially ratify you as a part of our subcommittee and get you on board with some projects (anyone want to scan some minutes, pleasee).

How do signups work?

I’m using the ‘Staffing’ signup we’d usually use for staffing during shows. What this means, is you will have to log-in on the bedlam website to access the slots, and then go to the ‘staffing’ tab to sign up for stuff. (You can also click this link:…/intro-to-archiving/grid ). This workshop will be in Bedlam, so a thing to note is that before you can access the building, you will have to have done training, which you can access with your bedlam website login here:
If you have any questions about what will be happening, how to sign up, or anything else, feel free to shoot me (Lois Zon) a message!

Cast and Crew


Archivist Lois Zonnenberg

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