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20 Minutes of Action

Wednesday 02 October - Thursday 03 October 2019

This original verbatim piece takes you through one of the most controversial sexual assault cases in America. Each an...

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Freshers'/Welcome Week 2019

Monday 09 September - Sunday 15 September 2019

You might want to look at the season instead, or make it.. Welcome to the EUTC Welcome week! For more updates, plea...

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Layla and Majnun

Friday 02 August - Monday 26 August 2019

"Love is fire; I am the wood that is reduced to ashes by its flames. Love has razed to the ground the very temple of ...

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The History Boys

Wednesday 27 March - Saturday 30 March 2019

The History Boys by Alan Bennett is a devastatingly funny, clever and heartbreaking play that chronicles the attempt of a group of working class schoolboys applying to Oxbridge in the late 1980s.

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Saturday 23 March - Monday 25 March 2019

The EUTC presents the UK premiere of WHITE, a critically acclaimed and bracingly funny play by Philadelphia playwright James Ijames. The play tackles race, gender, and the place of art in an absurdly divided society

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Wednesday 20 March - Thursday 21 March 2019

Based on a childhood experience of the gradual buyout, by a celebrity chef, of a small town once beloved, Stained is an absurdist comedy about capitalism, isolation, and internalised transphobia.

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Wednesday 13 March - Saturday 16 March 2019

In this bold new multi-sensory adaptation, Lorca’s 1934 age-old themes will be rendered contemporary, as the play follows a young woman driven to the unthinkable by her desperate longing to conceive a child.

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