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Wednesday 08 February - Saturday 11 February 2023


Bedlam Theatre


£6/£7/£9 + fees, £1 booking fee on the door


Euripides, translated by Jemima Jayne


Medea is a two-thousand year old drama, first staged by Euripides in ancient Athens and now newly translated by the director Jemima Jayne. A simple, emotional, tragic production, Medea is the story of a clever woman, a destitute foreigner in a strange land, a spurned wife and a soon-to-be-exiled mother. She has suffered the ultimate disgrace, and her righteous fury drives the plot of the story, up to its terrible climax. The story is brutal, timeless, and shocking. This ancient human drama, transcends time and language. For a two thousand year old drama written by Euripides, it is shockingly current and fresh, with themes of sexism, xenophobia, oppression, divorce, passion, motherhood, love and hate.

Cast and Crew


Actor (Aegeus) Oscar Bryan

Actor (Child) Jamie Gilson-Barnett

Actor (Child) Lish Keir

Actor (Chorus) Abby Brooks

Actor (Jason) Huw Turnbull

Actor (Kreon) Charlie Bolden

Actor (Nurse) Liz Dokukina

Actor (Steward) Nicolas Nemoliaev

Costume Assistant Chloe Lannert

Costume Manager Nhi Tran

Director Jemima Jayne

Producer Izzy Ponsford

Set Assistant Holly Spragg

Set Manager Lilli Steffens

Sound Designer Martha Barrow

Stage Manager Serag Elsadani

Tech Assistant Diya Goel

Tech Manager Freya Game

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