A Look Back...

by Liz Mills

2012/13 has been a great year for the EUTC at Bedlam Theatre. With the handover to the Bedlam Fringe Team just around the corner and the end of term, things are a bit quiet at the moment, so it’s a good time to look back over the last year.

From our sell out run of Alan Bennett’s The History Boys to the raucous Calamity Hamlet written by our very own Will Naameh, our shows have been brilliant, with wonderful casts and production teams working hard all year to bring our members and the public some top notch theatre. Check out the Bedlam Archives for information on all the shows that we have put on this year.

This year we won a Bronze at the Edinburgh Sustainability Awards 2013, the first year a student society has won an award. This fantastic achievement is largely thanks to our very own Luciana Miu, who won an Outstanding Personal Contribution Award for her part in making Bedlam a more environmentally friendly place. We hope to build on this next year, and aim even higher in the future.

We are also incredibly proud to have won the 2013 EUSA Society Oscar for Best Society, making us the only society to have won the award twice!

A big thank you to all who have supported us this year, either as members of the audience or by working behind the scenes or on stage, and we hope to see you in September when we open our doors for Freshers’ Week 2013.

That’s all from us for now! Stay tuned for up to date information about we’ll be up to this summer, including bringing the EUTC’s ‘Four Walls’ and The Improverts to the Fringe at Bedlam Theatre this August. Don’t forget to check out the Bedlam Fringe website or follow them on Twitter (@bedlamfringe) to see what’s going on.

Until then!

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