This festival finished on Friday 20 February 2015, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Monday 16 February - Friday 20 February 2015


Bedlam Theatre




Each day during Innovative Learning Week, Bedlam Theatre hosts an assortment of experimental projects you can be part of, focusing on backstage skills.

The event is designed for Edinburgh University students and staff who have an interest in theatre and would like to learn some new skills. You don’t have to have any experience, and you don’t have to attend all day every day - just reserve a spot and drop in whenever!

Tickets and Schedule can be found here:


Interested in designing for the stage but have no idea where to start? Join us this ILW as we work on experimental projects members of our company have dreamed up.

All staff and student body welcome to attend workshops (some aspects may require some prior knowledge/experience and an interest in theatrical related design/construction is vital);

Each day during Innovative Learning Week (15-20 Feb) - 12.00-18.00.

Please note that all visitors must come to the side door (near Hotel du Vin) and ring the doorbell. As a change from previous arrangements there will be no exhibition during the week except on Wednesday, when the building will be open for As Birds Do.


12:00 PM


Dream big; human-sized dream-catcher big. All welcome.

Theatrical Mask Making Workshop

Learn how to make masks using modelling plaster for theatrical purposes.


A raging swirl of fog and air, using haze in more than just the standard way. Previous technical experience required.

3:00 PM


Dragons are fun. No one has seen them since middle-ages literature though, so we miss them. And we are building one. All welcome.

5:00 PM

Costume Q&A

Wanted to try costume design but not sure where to start? Stuck on a particular project? Just want to hear about pretty outfits? Have your questions answered by an industry professional!


12:00 PM

DRAGON cont. from Monday. All welcome.

Antigone Set

Let there be lights and a lot of sharp scary pillars: a trial of a set utilising gauze and silhouettes.

Antigone Costumes

Making costumes for a later play. All welcome to observe/question.

5:00 PM

Cyclone cont. from Monday


12:00 PM

Intro to Tech

Join us to learn the techincal side of a show; we’ll cover the theory of lights and sound, and then put your new knowledge into practice by preparing for the upcoming Dionysia Festival.

3:00 PM

DRAGON cont.


12:00 PM

GORE Workshop

Learn how to make fake blood for those merciless death scenes we all love. Wounds, blood pack and scars. All welcome.


Testing set ideas for an upcoming production.

2:00 PM

Board games

As the weeks winds down, we’ll retire to the café to dream up theatre themed board games, and for better or worse, try to make them happen.


4:00 PM

Judas Kiss Set

A window used to indicate the passage of time. A trial of an upcoming set, combining projection with window and corridor building. Previous experience required.


12:00 - 5:00 PM


The final push! We’ll be painting the now fully constructed dragon, hopefully in time to bring it to the ILW exhibition.

Tickets cover all workshops on the specified day, but you don’t have to attend them all. You can book for as many or as few days as you want.

Cast and Crew

Danya Bradley Barnes
Ethan Roos
Tech Manager
Jack Simpson
Theatre Manager
Alex Dillon


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