Alex Dillon


"Khamosh Pani (Silent Waters)" by Sabiha Sumar

Tuesday 22 October - Saturday 26 October 2013

Ayesha is a Muslim, a widow, a mother; Veeru is an abandoned daughter, an abductee, a Sikh.

Position: Sound Designer

"The Lift" by Fergus Deery

Wednesday 20 November 2013

"Stranded as a cloud in the sky."

Position: Stage Manager

"BedFest 2014" by N/A

Monday 20 January - Saturday 25 January 2014

BedFest - It’s the Fest of Bed!

Position: Administrator

Bedfest 2014

Monday 20 January - Saturday 25 January 2014

Bedlam Festival 2014

Position: Administrator

"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" by Unknown

Wednesday 12 February - Thursday 13 February 2014

Dorothy Gale is an unhappy young girl who suddenly finds herself whisked off to a strange land when a cyclone scoops ...

Position: Stage Manager

"Sword at Sunset" by Adapted from Rosemary Sutcliff by James Beagon

Tuesday 25 February - Saturday 01 March 2014

A dream may be the best thing to die for.

Position: Stage Manager

"Cirque Tourniquet" by Louise Spence

Wednesday 19 March - Thursday 20 March 2014

Flitting from city to city, the Cirque Tourniquet leaves chaos in its wake.

Position: Assistant Technical Manager

"The Lift: London Shows" by Fergus Deery

Friday 04 July - Sunday 06 July 2014

It’s cramped, it’s crazed, it’s out of order.

Position: Stage Manager

"The Lift" by Fergus Deery

Friday 01 August - Sunday 31 August 2014

A month of Theatre from Venue 49.

Position: Stage Manager

Freshers' Week 2014

Monday 08 September - Sunday 14 September 2014

The Edinburgh University Theatre Company kicks off the academic year with a week of shows and workshops! About to ce...

Position: Theatre Manager

Bedfest 2015

Monday 19 January - Saturday 24 January 2015

Start the year with a wide range of the quality shows and workshops! Discover the wonders of Bedlam Theatre! Bedlam ...

Position: Theatre Manager


Monday 16 February - Friday 20 February 2015

Projects and Exhibition

Position: Theatre Manager

"Equus" by Peter Shaffer

Tuesday 03 March - Saturday 07 March 2015

I am yours and you are mine

Position: Stage Manager

"Candlewasters: March 2015" by Rosie Gailor / Rory Kelly / Julia Carstairs / Rob Younger / Clemie Lampard

Saturday 28 March 2015

A collection of short, new writing from the frenzied minds of the Edinburgh University Theatre Company.

Position: Technical Operator

"Cagebirds" by David Campton

Tuesday 27 October - Saturday 31 October 2015

"The world stretches further than the few inches between your ears"

Position: Stage Manager

"The Pillowman" by Martin McDonagh

Tuesday 02 February - Saturday 06 February 2016

Tell me a story

Position: Stage Manager

"Endgame" by Samuel Beckett

Tuesday 22 March - Saturday 26 March 2016

“We’re not beginning to… to… mean something?” “Mean something! You and I, mean something! Ah that’s a good one!”

Position: Stage Manager

"Shadows of the Æsir" by Various

Thursday 15 September 2016

Shadows of the Æsir tells the story of the old Nordic gods, as preserved in the 1000 year old Icelandic sagas. From w...

Position: Puppet Construction Assistant

"Coriolanus " by William Shakespeare

Tuesday 08 November - Saturday 12 November 2016

“Nature teaches beasts to know their friends.”

Position: Production Stage Manager