This festival finished on Monday 25 August 2008, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Sunday 03 August - Monday 25 August 2008


Bedlam Theatre




Colleen Patterson


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  • Repainted office and redid committee pigeonholes
  • New Sunday opening times on sunday afternoons with pub quiz and café entertainment
  • Installed new seats
  • Renovated and refinished the seating rake
  • Laid new carpet in the auditorium
  • Reskinned the stage (we totally do this every year)
  • Re-finished the stage’s risers with 18mm plywood
  • Spray-painted the rig black for stealth
  • Moved the Balconies Lantern Store to the dimmers
  • Rebuilt the cafe servery
  • Partially restored and re-varnished cafe floor
  • Rebuilt cafe boards
  • Fixed the bulge in the cafe wall
  • Rewrote the ticketing system
  • Fixed the FoH Sound System
  • Installed a lighting bar in the box office, bought a Bedlam Theatre logo gobo for projection.

Cast and Crew

Box Office Manager
Lauren Mc Leod
Box Office Manager
Xander Macmillan
Box Office Staff
Liz Black
Box Office Staff
Dylan Read
Box Office Staff
Fred Gordon
Box Office Staff
Ellie Richardson
Box Office Staff
Nicola Hazelton
Box Office Staff
Maredith Close
Box Office Staff
Emma Pattinson
Box Office Staff
Lucy Sneddon
Business Manager
Fran Walker
Cafe Manager
Cat Hobart
Cafe Manager
Ellie Harrison
Cafe Staff
Amy Brewer
Cafe Staff
Alex Hatt
Cafe Staff
Carley Smith
Cafe Staff
Emily Jenkinson
Graphics Designer
Nick Kay
Press and Publicity Manager
Becs Kamp
Tech Manager
Sam Hansford
Theatre Manager
Alex Mead
Venue Manager
Colleen Patterson


Saturday 02 August 2008


Saturday 02 August - Saturday 23 August

A month of Theatre from Venue 49.

A month of Theatre from Venue 49.

Monday 04 August 2008

The Improverts

Monday 04 August - Saturday 23 August

Edinburgh’s resident improvised comedy institution is back for its 19th year at the Fringe. Spontaneous sketches base...


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