This show finished on Saturday 21 February 2015, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

A Winter's Oresteia

A family tragedy of honour and revenge


Saturday 21 February 2015


Bedlam Theatre




James Beagon


The Dionysia 2


Helen of Troy returns, ashamed and disgraced by the devastation she has wrought. But her sister’s arrival is not Clytemnestra’s only problem. Despised by her daughter Electra, she drifts away from her son Orestes whilst there are crimes for which her husband, Agamemnon, cannot be forgiven. As a family reunion threatens to revive old enmities, her dead daughter Iphigenia stalks her thoughts and memories. Killed before the war, she awaits her moment to strike back…

From award-winning playwright, James Beagon (‘First Class’, Best New Writing 2014, Buxton Fringe) comes a chilling new adaptation of an ancient Greek classic: a family tragedy of honour and revenge.

The Aulos Productions entry in the 2015 Dionysia festival. Should you wish to see multiple entries, festival ticket deals are available in person from the Bedlam Theatre box office.

Cast and Crew


Aegisthus Chris Paddon

Agamemnon / Director / Producer James Beagon

Assistant Director / Helen Emily Ingram

Cassandra Alice Markey

Clytemnestra Danielle Farrow

Electra Sophie Harris

Hermione Sarah Crompton

Iphigenia Sally Pitts

Menelaus Jack Mellon

Orestes Joseph McAulay

Producer Rachel Bussom

Producer Aliza Hoover

Technical Manager Marina Johnson

Technical Manager Luciana Miu

Tyndareus Daniel Orejon

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