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Monday 18 January

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Paul is 41. April is 19. Neither are happy.

Whilst walking home from a party, Paul meets April. She’s playing Solitaire in the middle of the road at 2.30 in the morning, with only a battered suitcase and a Wellington boot for company. Their relationship soon turns to romance and they attempt to forget about their problems, for a time.

But April’s not actually called April and Paul’s got no idea who she is. As their relationship deepens and things begin to change, Paul and April wonder whether it’s better to face up to your responsibilities or to run away and find some new ones…

Cast and Crew

David K. Barnes
Technical Manager
Neville Billimoria
Stage Manager
Camille Acosta
Heidi Goldsmith
David K. Barnes
Ed Sheridan
Miriam Early
Patrick Douglas
Robin Sheridan