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Friday 01 April 2016


Bedlam Theatre






Art. Art never changes. Shakespeare used it to explore that which makes us human. Oscar Wilde built an empire off of being a sassy bitch with a pen. Tony Kushner turned himself from a total unknown with a dank last name to a Tony-Award-Winning playwright with a dank last name. But Art, Art never changes.

Hold on to your bitter, jaded ego because Bedlam Reduced is back, and this time it’s all business. How many times have you sat through an entire play only to wish you could ridicule the hard work of everyone involved on a public platform? 22 weeks, 22 sketches; see each ‘15-‘16 EUTC production reimagined as thoughtful, well crafted art in sketch form. Hide your kids, hide your wallets, and hide your shame, because Art never changes, and Money Never Sleeps.

Cast and Crew

Eric Geistfeld
Henry Conklin
Stage Manager
Perry Nimtrakul
Technical Manager
Laura McGugan


Company on Sunday 27 March for SSSR Theatre

Oh wow. Much like the great works of us is this too! very impressive.

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