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Unfortunately, this didn’t gather enough steam to go ahead. We only had a very short period to organise this but didn’t manage to mobilise enough interest in time!

We have found a poster up in the cafe, however, which says that Bedlam put on an adaptation of Ulysses which lasted 26 hours – so maybe we still hold the record? Be excellent to one another!

THE SCRIPT IS NOW UP! You can see it here:

Hey everybody! Many of us here at Bedlam (hopefully including you, dear reader!) are attempting to push the boundaries of theatre and maybe even set a record for this theatre marathon!

Happening from the 13-14th of November 2012 at Bedlam Theatre, 11B Bristo Place Edinburgh!

Q: 25 hours?! How will this work? Local playwright Julien Matthews has written a one hour script which loops back on itself. This means that we can invite loads of different groups to come and give the script their own spin, and participate towards the show.

Q: The same script 25 times? Won’t that be dead boring? The script is skeletal (meaning that there’s not much of it!) – leaving lots of room for people to tell jokes, stories, improvise and go wild – while allowing the story of the play to hang together as one coherent whole. At the end of the script the play begins again with different characters, a different focus, and a whole new feel!

Q: How many people are taking part? It could be hundreds! The script can be performed with one person, or thirty people.

Q: Where do I find this script?! Here!:

Q: Sounds awesome! How can I get involved? Sweet! All you need is to put together a team of people (or go it alone!) and email us at [email protected] for more instructions. We need lots of groups to make this work, so please don’t be afraid to throw your hat into the ring!

Q: What are we going to get out of this? This play will be a great chance to put your own spin on a script, put on a show, and stay up watching other people do the same thing. Lots of different theatre groups are taking part: from the EUTC to Jambouree the clowning ensemble – so it should be a great chance to mingle, watch some varied shows, have your turn on stage and hang out. Who knows? If we make it all the way to the end we could set a record!

Q: How did this amazing project come about? Bedlam theatre has always been interested in big ideas. So when week nine was empty the idea of putting on the world’s longest play was proposed at an Extraordinary meeting and passed! So here we are today.

Q: Will it cost me anything to take part? Ideally no! However, for insurance reasons everyone who takes to Bedlam’s stage needs to be a member of the EUTC. Luckily, this is fast, only costs a fiver (the same as a normal ticket), lets you watch the rest of the really long performances, and gets you a discount to EVERY BEDLAM SHOW for the rest of this year. So pretty good!

Q: Sweet! I’ll drop you a line and get involved! Here’s looking at you, guy!

Cast and Crew

Stewart Maclean
Mark Borthwick
Stage Manager
Carolyn Doyle
Technical Manager
Alex Brown
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