This show finished on Saturday 19 November 2022, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

Broken English


Wednesday 16 November - Saturday 19 November 2022


Bedlam Theatre




Sofia Pricolo


Broken English follows the build-up and ultimate demise of Laura and Andrew’s romantic relationship. We see it begin when they first meet during Andrew’s year abroad in Laura’s home country. It is a picture of the perfect love story. Either of them can hardly believe they found someone who understands them so deeply. He invites her to go back to England to spend new year’s at a countryside house with his closest friends. As Andrew seeks the approval of his loved ones and Laura struggles to adjust to British culture, we see their differences come to light. How far can fear, ignorance and apathy lead one astray from what they used to love?

Cast and Crew


Director Maria Sofia Pricolo

Producer Simran Punjabi

Tech Manager Matias Krook

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