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Tuesday 24 February - Saturday 28 February 2009


Bedlam Theatre






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‘City of Glass’ is an investigation into a detective story, set in a broken and ghostly New York. Through a series of twists, the play dramatises our relationship with language, society and the stories we tell about ourselves.

Cast and Crew

Accent Coach
Amanda Mahr
Assistant Producer
Christine Knight
Assistant Producer
Maxine Carr
Assistant Stage Manager
Rosa Earp
Assistant Stage Manager
Jake Butcher
Chorus Man 2
Tom Shah
Chorus Man 3
Dean Fairbairn
Chorus Woman 2
Chloe Edworthy
Chorus Woman 3
Elizabeth Campbell
Chrous Woman 1
Lindsay Terrel
Costume Mistress
Clarissa Jacob
Daniel Quinn
Solomon Mousley
Alexandra Randall
Graphic Designer
Clarissa Jacob
Lead Chorus Man
Simon Ginty
Lighting Op
Stuart Houston
Magic Technician
Felix Trench
New York Footage
Charlotte Elliot
Paul Auster
Jamie Frankel
Peter Stillman Jr.
Kristoffer Bruce
Joanna Rozniak
Helena Larkin
Production Designer
Kate Wieteska
Productions Designer
Clare Findon
Sound Engineer and Op
Richard Robinson
Stage Manager
Neale Dutton
Stage Manager
Adam Alton
Stillman Sr II
Nick Cole Hamilton
Stillman Sr.
Alasdair Mc Lean
Technical Consultant
Neale Dutton
Technical Manager
Gordon Nimmo Smith
Video Editor
Rebecca White
Video Op
Pierre Pecheux
Virginia Stillman
Christina Logue
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