This show finished on Wednesday 01 February 2023, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.



Tuesday 31 January - Wednesday 01 February 2023


Bedlam Theatre




Sarah Kane


Kane’s Crave is a one act play following a chorus of four unnamed voices. The characters exist in a kind of cognitive limbo without concrete spatio-temporal context or narrative. They talk in circles with varying awareness of one another recounting memories, dreams, desires and dark secrets. M the childless Mother, A the lovesick and twisted abuser, B the boy; the addict and C the unhealed child are four broken representatives of humanity. They find themselves stuck in a space between heaven and hell: collateral damage of the human world. Crave follows their struggle to relate to one another and stumble toward redemption.

Cast and Crew


Actor (A) Nikita Matthews

Actor (B) Louis Whittell

Actor (C) Jamie Gilson-Barnett

Actor (M) Marnie Camping-Harris

Assistant Producer George Manchester

Assistant Stage Manager Ruth Perera

Director Edie Gillett

Producer Marnie Camping-Harris

Stage Manager Rorke Wilson

Tech Manager Freya White

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