This show finished on Sunday 31 March 2002, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Sunday 01 April - Sunday 31 March

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Cast and Crew

Andrew Edmonstone
Cat Smith
Stage Manager
Jay Adriaanse
Technical Manager
Pete Lowden
Lord Arthur Dachshund
Charlie Alexander
Ally Mc Leod
Inspector Dart
Rebekah Stackhouse
Professor Albert Von Spleen
Kyle Tingly
Marus Fothergill-Anchovy
David Reed
Penelope Fothergill-Anchovy
Tabitha Hughes
Constable Dunstable
Becky Lovecy
Dodgy Blake
Humphrey Ker
Nigel Dachshund
Herp Murhkey
Constable Pearson
Al Smith
Ian Storrar
Martin O'Donnell
Al Potter
Stephanie O'Donnell
Danielle Biddle
Lisa Davenport
Katie Mc Crory
Simon Conway
Prey Murk