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Wednesday 06 October - Thursday 07 October 2010




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In this psychological drama Sara has just died and yet instead of finding peace (and quiet)… she finds Bryan, a cynical and facetious angel-figure who insists that she relive both her fondest and most unpleasant memories- including the day she died.

“It’s an ugly thing depression, no one really wants to look directly at it, and so you disappear”

An honest attempt to give sufferers of depression a voice in a play that ends with a bittersweet yet vital glimpse of hope in this piece of new writing from Alex Cory and Bedlam Theatre

Cast and Crew

Stella Archer
Assistant Producer
Ellie Chalmers
Assistant SM
Sophie Abrahams
Chris Craig Harvey
Alex Cory
Male Chorus
Sacha Timaeus
Rose Paxman
Alexandra Wetherell
Stage Manager
Rosa Earp
Technical Manager
Pierre Pecheux
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