This show finished on Saturday 23 October 2021, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Saturday 23 October 2021


Augustine United Church


£3/£4/£5 + fees, + £1 if purchased on the day


The Freshers


Please purchase tickets in advance, they will be £1 more expensive on the door!

Bedlam’s back, but it wasn’t an easy journey. There were many casualties along the way, dozens of projects left on the cutting room floor. For one night only, the freshers of the Edinburgh University Theatre Company presents short adaptations* of six of these cancelled projects: the plays that never were.

*Disclaimer: Adaptations may be nothing like original scripts.

2 performances at 6pm and 8pm, ticketed separately.

Cast and Crew

Sophie Lee
Creative Director
George Manchester
Group 1 Child
Edie Gillett
Group 1 Child (Chase)
Dina Nemoliaeva
Group 1 Child (Director / Stage Manager)
Cora Chow
Group 1 Child (Girlfriend)
Flora Gilchrist
Group 1 Child (Producer / Actor(Doctor))
Simran Punjabi
Group 1 Child (Stage Crew / Detective)
Fiona Forster
Group 1 Child (Tech Manager / Stage Manager)
Julia Rahn
Group 1 Child (The Man)
Eloise Quetglas-Peach
Group 1 Parent
Liz Dokukina
Group 1 Parent / Co-Producer / MC
Lewis Forman
Group 1 Parent / Socials Coordinator
Isla Jamieson-MacKenzie
Group 2 Child
Qianyi Wang
Group 2 Child
Scarlet-Rose McCaffrey
Group 2 Child
Erin Kendrick
Group 2 Child (Actor(Starlet))
Nell DiPasquantonio
Group 2 Child (Director / Co-Writer / Official Panicker)
Em Leites McPherson
Group 2 Child (Tech Manager)
Megan Bell
Group 2 Parent / Actor(The FileMaster / Lois Zonnenberg Caricature) / Co-Producer
Matias Krook
Group 2 Parent / Filmer
Mallory Smith
Group 3 Child
Thomas Catton
Group 3 Child
Arwyn Travis
Group 3 Child (Boyfriend)
Naqib Fakhrul
Group 3 Child (Friend)
Fay Jurriaanse
Group 3 Parent
Freya Wilson
Group 3 Parent
Laura Brady
Group 3 Parent (Tech Manager)
Talitha Jane White
Group 3 Parent / Admin / (Tech Manager)
Alexander Mohan Morzeria-Davis
Group 4 Child (Stage Manager)
Sky Willis
Group 4 Child (Tech Manager)
Lee Harding
Group 4 Parent
Sabrina Carter
Group 4 Parent / MC / Admin
Rose Marin Roberts
Group 4 Parent / MC / General Tech Manager
Emma Hunt
Group 5 Child
Poppy Moore
Group 5 Child
Cici Toke-Nichols
Group 5 Child (Tech Manager)
Amy Lau
Group 5 Parent
Holly Sargent
Group 5 Parent
Jamie Cushing
Group 5 Parent
Zoe Robertson
Group 5 Parent / General Stage Manager / General Set Manager
Lois Zonnenberg
Group 6 Child
Philly Holmes
Group 6 Child
Tatiana Kacmarska
Group 6 Child
TJ Gardner
Group 6 Child
Elif Yildiz
Group 6 Child (Meredith)
Anja Dickerson
Group 6 Child (Miss Jenkins)
Marnie Camping-Harris
Group 6 Child (Sound Designer)
Amy Lu
Group 6 Parent
Chloe Hendry
Group 6 Parent
Sophie Mackay
Group 6 Parent / Actor(Prime Minister)
Emma Stier
Group 6 Parent / MC / Admin
Mick Zijdel
Group 7 Child
James Fox
Group 7 Child
Tazy Harrison-Moore
Group 7 Parent
David Jay
Group 7 Parent
Lucy Adkin
Group 7 Parent / Welfare
Phoebe Kellogg


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