This show finished on Monday 26 August 2019, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Friday 02 August - Monday 26 August 2019






Nizami (Translated & Adapted by Torange Yeghiazarian)


"Love is fire; I am the wood that is reduced to ashes by its flames. Love has razed to the ground the very temple of my being; my soul has gathered together its belongings and moved on. Do you think that it is me that you see here before you?"

Layla and Majnun (مجنون و ليلى) is the classic Persian love story - Lord Byron described it as the “Romeo and Juliet of the East.” This show presents a stage adapted version of the eponymous poem by Nizami Ganjavi accompanied by live musicians. All profits from this production will be donated to support BabyFist’s Menstrual Education Campaign, an educational campaign which they run at public schools in the occupied West Bank in Palestine.

The show was performed at the Scottish Poetry Library

Cast and Crew

Zak Sheikh
Musical Director
Meredith Lloyd James
Sandhya Narayanan
Stage Manager
Niharika Pandya
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