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Wednesday 05 February - Saturday 08 February 2020


Bedlam Theatre




Lucy Kirkwood


“Everyone thinks love is the greatest force in the cosmos and it isn’t. The greatest force in the cosmos is the Nuclear Strong Force. Love’s about twelve things down the list after gravity and superglue.”

Alice is an experimental physicist working in Geneva, searching for the Higgs Boson, the disappearing God Particle. Jenny is her sister’s opposite: lives in Luton in a jumble of clothes, smokes, drinks and sells health insurance over the phone. She’s an unhealthy mix of skepticism and superstition, a woman who trusts her horoscope more than her doctor. The pair of them pull in two different directions: Alice is rational, Jenny goes with her gut. When the sisters and the rest of the family come together - Karen, their mother and Alice’s teenage son, Luke - collision threatens everyone with chaos.

Content Warnings: Inappropriate and offensive language Themes of death Themes of rape and suicide Sudden, loud and high pitched noises Racism

Tickets can be found HERE.

Bedlam Theatre 5-8th February 2020 £5/6/8 BYOB

Cast and Crew


Actor Megan Burns

Actor Tilly Botsford

Actor Charlie Woolley

Actor Rory McKeon

Actor Amelia Chinnock - Schumann

Actor Áine Higgins

Actor Roxy Witteveen

Actor Camilla Makhmudi

Assistant Director Antonia Hall

Designer/Artist kiera saunders

Director Dominika Ucar

Producer Issi Ladd

Projections Manager (Tech) Alex Mohan Morzeria-Davis

Set Manager George Manchester

Stage Manager Sophie Lee

Tech Assistant Liz Dokukina

Technical Assistant/Physics Consultant Sam Teale

Technical Manager Nancy Strahan

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