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Tuesday 10 November - Saturday 14 November 2009




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There is revolution in Norway. Emancipation has gripped those young and old to stand for the cause of liberation of women and those in serfdom. When Johannes Rosmer owner of Rosmersholm, a large mansion house which has long held great sway over the surrounding countryside, announces his sympathies with the liberal cause, his establishment friends close their ranks around him. Within the hallowed walls of Rosmersholm that grimly glower down upon him with the faces of ancestors past Rosmer finds solace in his turmoil in Rebecca West. But can their friendship and his emancipation stand the test of the turbulent times that follow when he makes known his views, and is she quite as innocent as he believes.

Rosmersholm will be performed at the Bedlam Theatre from the 10th - 14th November.

Cast and Crew

Assistant Producer
Ellie Chalmers
Assistant Stage Manager
Camille Acosta
Assistant Stage Manager
Cat Hobart
Assistant Stage Manager
Becka O'sullivan
Jo Pennycard
Kate Jagger
George Ransley
Johannes Rosmer
Charlie Laurie
LX Operator
Sophie Abrahams
Mr Kroll
Will Green
Mrs Helseth
Hannah Mendoza
Peter Mortensgaard
David Elms
Nicola Hazelton
Tom Lindsay
Rebecca West
Alice Bonifacio
Sound Operator
Stuart Houston
Stage Manager
Alex Mead
Technical Manager
Neale Dutton
Ulrik Brendal
Arthur Ford
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