This show finished on Saturday 28 February 1998, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Friday 20 February - Saturday 28 February 1998


The Netherbow Theatre




Ben Street / M. Stewart

Part of Febfest 1998


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A double bill:

Three rhythmic monologues reveal differing accounts of child abuse.

A baroque encounted between Loaded lads and Lucifer - The lager lout from Hell.

Cast and Crew

Actor (Dead on Time: Boy)
Simon Proctor
Actor (Dead on Time: Girl)
Rachel Forrest
Actor (Dead on Time: Host)
Catriona Stobie
Actor (The Insect: Cellist)
Mary Morris
Actor (The Insect: Girlfriend)
Leonie Mallows
Actor (The Insect: Mother)
Nikki Strivens
Actor (The Insect: Policeman)
Luke Solon
Actor (The Insect: Ted)
John Hepburn
Co-Director (The Insect)
Katy Raffin
Director (Dead on Time)
Zeenat Khanche
Director (Dead on Time)
Simon Flisher
Director (The Insect)
Ben Street
Producer (Dead on Time)
Sally Brewer
Stage Manager (Dead on Time)
Ellen Jarlett
Stage Manager (The Insect)
Annie Jilbert
Tech Director (The Insect/Dead on Time)
Dave Harding
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