This show finished on Thursday 03 November 2022, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

The Jigsaw

The truth doesn't rhyme. That would be far too convenient...


Wednesday 02 November - Thursday 03 November 2022


Bedlam Theatre




Zach Thoday


Jacques, a prison inmate, whiles away the hours of incarceration solving a jigsaw puzzle. His only company is Jacob, the mysterious inmate in the neighbouring cell, with whom he can interact only by the tiny hole in their shared wall.

Cast and Crew


Actor (Jacob) Finn Tyson

Actor (Jacques) Ted Ackery

Director Zach Thoday

Producer Kristjan Gudjonsson

Set Manager Su Smee

Sound Designer Nicola Rivosecchi

Stage Manager / Costume Designer Clare Robinson

Tech Assistant Daisy Gillam

Tech Manager / Lighting Designer Sarah Moreman

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