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Tuesday 21 October - Saturday 25 October 2014


Bedlam Theatre


£6 / £5.50 / £5


Eric Geistfeld

Part of Conversion Season


“Oh Dear Edward, can’t you see? Your marriage to my daughter isn’t going to last. I will tear you apart faster than malt liquor tore apart the effects of the Civil Rights Act.”

Things couldn’t be better for Ed. Newly married to Judy, the girl of his dreams, they have their best years ahead of them. To make life even sweeter they have inherited Judy’s family home, a stately mansion, with the stipulation that Judy’s mother Violet can live there for the rest of her days.

Things couldn’t be worse for Violet. Her only daughter, Judy, has married some limp-dick liberal weirdo. To top it all off, her soft-hearted corpse of a husband put it in his will that they get to move in and wait for her to die.

It doesn’t take long for Ed and Violet to clash. Over Judy, over the house, over Violet’s crack cocaine use, there’s no end to the fighting. It doesn’t help much that Ed is trying to put Violet in hospice care and Violet is trying to run a kangaroo breeding farm in the basement.

It doesn’t take much longer for the conflict to come to a head. As any rational people would do, Ed and Violet then hire hitmen to kill each other. As luck would have it, the hitmen arrive on the same night, to a mansion full of breeding kangaroos, crack cocaine, and the left-overs of sixty years of Violet’s insane schemes.

Using surrealist absurdism, absurd surrealism, and tactless offensiveness, The Last Straw asks just how hard two people will fight for someone’s affection.

Cast and Crew

Eric Geistfeld
Amanda Fleet
Stage Manager
Julia Brown
Technical Manager
Katherine Bull
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