This show finished on Thursday 17 October 2013, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Wednesday 16 October - Thursday 17 October




Ellie Deans


Bedlam Theatre

“It was the year that London burst. She cried and screamed consumed by a fiery hell of glass, bricks and anger. It was the year when flames brought a midnight dawn that engulfed our lives and blackened our neighbourhood. London was burning by Londoners’ hands. We awoke to a Britain, which we didn’t recognise.”

New original writing for EUTC. We all remember the London riots of 2011. Young people were once again thrown into the limelight portrayed as the damaged generation of Broken Britain. This play explores how the young person fits into society and challenges the validity of media portrayals of the dreaded ‘Youths’.

Cast and Crew

Ellie Deans
Assistant Director
Rachel Goldblatt
Stage Manager
Jack Charlesworth
Lighting Designer
Kirstyn Petras
Technical Manager
Craig Snowden
Alexandra Olive
Robbie Nicol
Mrs. Wood
Ella Rogers