This show finished on Thursday 20 October 2022, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

The Shape of Things

Does art, or indeed truth, have any moral limits?


Wednesday 19 October - Thursday 20 October 2022


Bedlam Theatre


£5/£6/£8 + fees, £1 booking fee on the door


Neil LaBute


Neil Labute’s The Shape of Things is a dark comedy which explores how in both art and life, appearances can deceive. In a small conservative town in middle America, Adam, a nerdy undergraduate English student, meets provocateur and arts major Evelyn. As their lives intertwine, lies and infidelities mount, and Adam does all he can to maintain what he thinks is the perfect relationship. LaBute leaves us with the question “does art, or truth, have any moral boundaries?”.

Cast and Crew


Actor - Adam Huw Turnbull

Actor - Evelyn Jules Pearson

Actor - Jenny Minnie Cross

Actor - Philip Louis Whittell

Co-Stage Manager Rose Fox

Co-Stage Manager Eve Lawson-statham

Costume Manager Nhi Tran

Director Bella Taylor

Lighting Assistant Lilli Steffens

Producer Liz Dokukina

Projections Designer Alice Eaves

Set Manager Luca Stier

Sound Designer Anna Yarwood

Tech Manager / Lighting Designer Lewis Eggeling

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