This show finished on Tuesday 31 October 2000, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

Time Gentlemen Please


Sunday 01 October - Tuesday 31 October 2000


Bedlam Theatre




The Freshers


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Freshers’ Play 2000

Cast and Crew


- Will Mc Donald

- Nicholas Greene

- Alexander Woollcombe

- Rachel Sanger

- Elinor Raikes

- Anna Pidgeon

- Rebecca Westholm

- Maddy Ryle

- Sarah Ream

- Andrew Pugsley

- Alice Buckee

- Denis Frank

- Miranda Hales

- Sarah Cook

- Nick Parr

- Anna Green Armytage

- Barnaby Ferrero

- Alexa Van Sickle

- Andrew Wilson

- Lisa Dessborn

- Helen Kinmonth

- Jade Prentice

- Guy Livingstone

- Zoe Lefflere

- Sam Hoare

- Rachel Friend

- Harriet Usher

- Alan Davis

- Venetia Holland

- Bonnie Newton

- Luke Edwards

- Clemmie Mauleverer

- Zoe Elizabeth Russell

- Hamish Edsell

- Oliver Langton

- Emma Laird Craig

- Gregory Loyce

- Nicola Fisher

- Laura Mucha

- Charlotte Newton

- Toby Craig

- Sarah Parker

- George Bednar

- Kay Thiel

- Peter Lowden

- Cate Willeminot

- Samuel Hutchison

- Lucy Jack

- Amanda Peteman

- Zoe Catsaras

- Dustin Hutchinson

- Paul Knights

- Kirsty Stuart

- Sam Lyle

- Lucy Rayner

- Pia Padfield

- Francesca Yarde Buller

- Alex Ingle

Assistant Technician Dan Mossman

Assistant Technician Richard Hogg

Director Anne Marshall

Director Tara Siddall

Director Colin Elves

Director Miles Jupp

Director Linda Howie

Director Pascal Penning Tichbourne

Director Anthony Hagger

Director Tom Morton

Director Anna Torbet

Director Sophie Cousens

Director George Nisbet

Director Leny Gibson

Director Jane Easby

Director Jim Mitchell

Director Will Medvei

Director Nina Arnesen

Director Jennie Cashman

Director Jonny Burr

Director Edward Bartlam

Main Director Adam Woolaston

Producer Marie Gabrielle Stewart

Production Team Anita Henman

Production Team Mary Kerr

Production Team Jo Adriaanse

Production Team Jane Cole

Production Team Ian Campbell

Production Team Emily Pioli

Production Team Gerard Doyle

Production Team Liz Smith

Stage Management Team Emily Hacker

Stage Management Team Catherine Smith

Stage Management Team Elizabeth Alexanda

Stage Management Team Erica Darby

Stage Management Team Joanne Madders

Stage Management Team Anna Zolotett

Stage Management Team Cathie Daycock

Stage Management Team Elisabeth Vishnevskaja

Stage Management Team Amanda Taub

Stage Manager Charlie Baily

Techie Abi Grant

Techie Becki Gikoski

Techie Jamie Prentice

Techie David Watson

Techie Danny Hamilton

Techie Andrew Edmonston

Techie Matt Ling

Technical Manager Graeme Timms

Writer Various Unknown

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