This festival finished on Saturday 23 January 2016, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

Bedfest 2016

Bedlam Festival 2016


Tuesday 19 January - Saturday 23 January 2016


Bedlam Theatre


Never Set


With 6 shows and 14 workshops over 5 days, the Bedlam Festival 2016 team can promise a week that you won’t want to miss! our impressive artistic and creative range includes:

  • Treading the line between dreams and reality in Marianne Dreams
  • Long-form improvised comedy from Viking Longboat
  • Shadow Puppetry with Vision Mechanics
  • Live Music in Theatre with Glasgow based Blood of the Young

So make sure you’re involved as an audience member, participant, or both!

Below are the full descriptions and ticket links for all of our shows and workshops. Also keep up to date with our Facebook page: Bedlam Festival; Instagram @bedlamfestival; and Twitter @_BedFest.

Cast and Crew


Administrator Marina Johnson

Tuesday 19 January 2016

Marianne Dreams

‘There’s a force in this place. You felt it in the cold wind and now it is in them. It pulls at you, pulls all the en...

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Shadow Puppetry

Vision Mechanics invite the EUTC to explore a new form of storytelling as they lead a workshop on the art of shadow p...

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A special workshop run in collaboration with the university, Bedlam Festival is delighted to welcome Writing in Perfo...

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Production Mixer

Come along to the Bedlam café from 10.30pm onwards for an evening of chatting, meeting, mingling and brainstorming in...

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Get Involved!

Tuesday 19 January - Saturday 23 January

Enjoying Bedlam Festival and want to find out more about the Edinburgh University Theatre Company? Fancy getting invo...

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Wednesday 20 January 2016


Following box-office hits ‘Othello’ and ‘Hamlet’, from award-winning writer W. Shakespeare comes an epic hit this Jan...

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Jam Sandwich

Wednesday 20 January - Saturday 23 January

Ask your parents for a box of juice, grab a crustless sandwich, and turn on the tele box!

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Painting Skills in Theatre

From painting sets and props to designing, comfort with brushes and paints can be very useful in the theatre. We’ll c...

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A Short Introduction to Commedia dell'Arte

Come one, come all for a bit of physical comedy, slapstick, stock characters and more. This Italian comic style provi...

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Project X

We take your childhood art from under the bed, out of the attic, and onto the Bedlam stage.

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Thursday 21 January 2016

Viking Longboat

Viking Longboat is an hour of improvised comedy from five people who have a varying knowledge of where they are and w...

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Devising Contemporary Theatre

This 90 minute workshop is an exploration of what it means to ‘devise’ theatre, and looks at some ways to approach th...

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Creative Lighting Design

A combination of demonstration, discussion and hands-on practice, this workshop led by some of the EUTC’s most experi...

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Live Music & Modern Theatre

Stopping off at Bedlam ahead of their Traverse performance on the 21st, one of Scotland’s most innovative emerging th...

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Friday 22 January 2016


Forty years after it premiered at the Traverse Theatre for the 1975 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Steven Berkoff’s ‘East...

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Multi-media in Theatre

A stage is one of the most flexible and exciting spaces you can work with. Come along to a relaxed exploration of the...

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Reading Reviews

We all know how it feels. That lukewarm mid-run review that throws the cast and crew off their game and puts a huge d...

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Shakespeare in Modern Performance

Interpreting Shakespeare for modern audiences and directing shakespearean text to a vision are two skills useful in a...

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Theatre Societies Pub Crawl

Meet and chat with the various players of university’s vibrant theatre as we all trawl around Edinburgh’s pubs for ou...

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The Improverts Tech Workshop

Do you like loud noises, bright lights and epic music? Want to try your hand at creating this in a theatre? The come ...

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The Improverts

Do you want to see a night of unique, fast paced and hilarious comedy? Want to know the best part? It’s all shaped by...

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24h Play Sign-Up

Sign up for 24 Hour Play: Conceived, written, rehearsed and assembled in one night and one day… the show must go on,...

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Saturday 23 January 2016

Site-specific Theatre

We are privileged to welcome Ben Harrison, Co-Artistic Director of Fringe First-winning company Grid Iron to Bedlam F...

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Creative Marketing Strategy

Want to create a kick-ass and coherent marketing strategy on a student budget? Recent Bedlamite, Lauren McLay will pr...

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24 Hour Play

Conceived, written, rehearsed and assembled in one night and one day… the show must go on, as they say. The EUTC pres...

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The BedFest 2016 Finale

What better way to end the festival than with an evening of hijinks? BedFest 2016 will go out with the Finale of all ...

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