This show finished on Thursday 17 October 2019, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


"Love is whatever you feel it to be"


Wednesday 16 October - Thursday 17 October 2019


Bedlam Theatre




Phil Porter


Individually dealing with bereavement Joanna and Sophie find themselves isolated in London without any real sense of direction. After running away from the Christian commune she grew up in, to her new flat in Leytonstone, Joanna receives a wifi baby-monitor in the post from an unknown sender. Unbeknownst to her, recently-unemployed Sophie is living in the flat above and is the instigator of what becomes an unlikely screen-romance. All without speaking they live out their daily lives oddly side-by-side, sharing mealtimes, TV shows and mini-dates in total silence. As their situation intensifies they begin to question whether the bizarre set-up of their relationship can be maintained, and whether it is simply their loneliness that ties them together. Peculiar, funny, and intensely human, Blink explores what it means to be alone in the digital age, the strange potential digital media has, and the weird connections one might make along the way.

Cast and Crew


Actor Hannah Churchill

Actor Lizzie Lewis

Assistant Director Tilly Botsford

Director Myles Westman

Producer Lucy Hicks Beach

Set Manager Laura Hounsell

Sound Designer George Manchester

Stage Manager Eve Aaronovitch

Tech Assistant Hanna Shrader

Tech Assistant Lois Zonnenberg

Technical Manager Sophie Lee


Sneak Peak



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