Hanna Shrader


"Things I Know to Be True" by Andrew Bovell

Tuesday 08 October - Saturday 12 October 2019

“It goes on. Life. It goes on.”

Position: Tech Assistant

"Blink" by Phil Porter

Wednesday 16 October - Thursday 17 October 2019

"Love is whatever you feel it to be"

Position: Tech Assistant

"So Long, And Thanks for the Bathtub" by Lois Zonnenberg

Friday 24 January 2020

The Amateur Detective Society goes on an investigation, after a murder happens in their town. Involving a bathtub, al...

Position: Co-Director

"Diana of Dobson's " by Cicely Hamilton

Wednesday 11 March - Saturday 14 March 2020

“It’ll all be the same 100 years from now.”

Position: Set Team

"The Ayes Have It" by Jo Parkin

Wednesday 07 October - Thursday 08 October 2020


Position: Co-Stage Manager

"Let's Create A Thing!" by Lois Zonnenberg

Tuesday 05 October - Thursday 07 October 2021

We are going to Create a Thing! Have you always wanted to build something? Or wanted to paint murals on a wall? Now y...

Position: Stage Manager