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Tuesday 08 February - Saturday 12 February

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Violent, dark and wonderfully insane, Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange tells a story of 14-year-old Alex in a world dominated by ‘ultraviolence’, social disorder and fear. For Alex and his gang of droogs, destruction is the only comprehendible form of expression.

With a new government in power, however, things are about to change. Betrayed by his gang, Alex is imprisoned and agrees to become the first subject of the experimental Ludovico Technique in exchange for his freedom…

Cast and Crew

Fight Choreography
Robin Hellier
Graphic Designer
Mihaela Bodlovic
Martin Maclennan
John Rushton
Robin Hellier
Callum O'dwyer
Billy Boy
Liam Mc Donnell
P. R. Deltoid
Alexandra Wetherell
F Alexander
Jonathan Gunson
Prison Chaplain
Augusta Armitage
Dr Brodsky
Katia Kvinge
Dr Branom
Andrew Simpson
The Minister of the Interior
Rory Kelly
The Governor
Charlie Hanks
Thom Louis
Molly Shevlin
Kay Singh
Camilla Spence
Sophia Wilmot Josife
Alasdair Wilson
Mihaela Bodlovic
Assistant Director
Roxy Cook
Technical Manager
Bryn Jones
Lighting Assistant
Celia Dugua
Lighting Operator
Luciana Miu
Sound Operator
Lewis Eason
Stage Manager
Richard Davies
Costume Design
Charlotte Repton
Costume Assistants
Rosie Curtis
Costume Assistants
Anna Driftmier
Costume Assistants
Clara Jane Mills