This show finished on Saturday 03 February 2024, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

A Girl Gets Naked In This

Saturday 3 Feb - 19:30 to 20:30


Saturday 03 February 2024


Bedlam Theatre






Bedfest 2024


A series of monologues on the theme of sex. Student written, directed and performed.

People You Know Productions is a theatre company based in St. Andrews, producing only student written, directed and performed plays. Filling what we saw as a gap in the limited theatre scene, our work and focus is on getting original student writing read and seen. People You Know was formalised on a belief that all original writing should get a chance to be actualised on stage, no matter how experimental.

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Cast and Crew

Devised by - Catherine Barrie
Devised by, writer - Nicole Sellew
Producer, actor, writer - Isy Platt
Tech and Stage Management - Willa Meloth
Marketing - Emma Dalton
Marketing - Charlotte Gruendling
Actor - Alexina Dykes
Actor - Amelia Stokeld
Actor, writer - Ava Cecile Samans
Actor - Daisy Paterson
Actor - Emily Christaki
Actor, writer - Hanna Sabu
Actor, writer - Loulou Sloss
Actor, writer - Piper Richardson
Actor, writer - Scarlett Tew
Actor - Sofia Hattiangadi

Content Warnings

References to self-harm and sexual assault
Strong language

Bedfest 2024 Review: A Girl Gets Naked in This -

Monday 05 February - By Emily Moffett for The Student

A Girl Gets Naked In This is an impressive series of sex monologues showcasing eleven performers’ incredible story-telling abilities. The show started as a small student-run venture in St. Andrews that raised incredible funds for charity, and now has come to Edinburgh’s Bedlam Theatre. Devised by Catherine Barrie and Nicole Sellew, the project is an incredible feat.

The stories are well-written and performed to perfection. One story had me in tears while multiple stories made me laugh and smile. Others were more perplexing, and I left feeling I did not quite grasp the intended meaning, but I was intrigued and fascinated by the watching experience nonetheless.

The show portrays the emotions of an assortment of figures: the heartbroken, the bored, the frustrated, the flirtatious, and the confused. One girl ponders why her partner won’t let her say his name during sex, while another recounts a coy Spanish courtship. Moreover, the speakers’ focus on a variety of experiences: the gay experience, the experience of sexual assault, and the experience of people of colour. One of the show’s strengths is its plethora of voices, its variety of sexual experiences.

The set is minimalistic but effective. On stage there is the representation of a bedroom which hosts a colourful single bed — a symbol of privacy, of girlhood, and of sex — and an array of props which the girls use throughout their monologues. From a bag of crisps to toy guns, the speakers creatively utilise their surroundings.

There is something empowering about listening to stories surrounding sex, about girls not censoring themselves. Moreover, these performances are not just straightforward monologues, they are impassioned art. From carefully curated language and metaphor, to choreographed motions and even nudity, these artistic endeavours are fantastic accomplishments.

A Girl Gets Naked in This will take you on a journey; the production is heartbreaking, hysterical, and everything in between.

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