This show finished on Saturday 16 October 2010, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Tuesday 12 October - Saturday 16 October 2010




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Cast and Crew

Accent Coach
Taylor Mclellan
Assistant Producer
Alasdair Wilson
Assistant Producer
Alex Fernandes
Assistant Stage Manager
Susanna Grenga
Assistant Stage Manager
Rosa Earp
Assistant Tech Manager
Celia Dugua
Assistant Tech Manager
Pierre Pecheux
Blanche du Bois
Inga Rudzitis
Paul Brotherston
Eunice Hubbell
Alexandra Wetherell
Graphic Designer
Camille Acosta
Graphic Designer
Mihaela Bodlovic
Harold "Mitch" Mitchell
Tom Shah
Daisy Badger
Pablo Gonzalez
Tim Jennings
Zoe Brown
Stage Manager
Ellen Gledhill
Stanley Kowalski
Solomon Mousley
Stella Kowalski
Danielle Purdy
Steve Hubbell
Tom Watret
Technical Manager
Neville Billimoria
Young Man/Doctor
Alex Fernandes
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