This show finished on Saturday 12 March 2016, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

Angels in America: Millennium Approaches

“People who are lonely, people left alone, sit talking nonsense to the air, imagining… beautiful systems dying, old fixed orders spiraling apart….”


Tuesday 08 March - Saturday 12 March 2016


Bedlam Theatre


£5.50 / £6 / £6.50


Tony Kushner


The angel of death is descending on 1980s New York in the form of the AIDs crisis. Everyone is affected - from drag queens to Mormons - and as the future becomes less discernable, everyone is terrified.

‘Angels’ follows 5 central characters in their isolated yet interconnected lives. Relationships fall apart as they are forced to bring into question their identity, politics, religion, love, forgiveness, and betrayal.

Tony Kushner’s award winning script blends the personal with the political, the intimate with the epic, and the harshness of actuality with the fantastical supernatural. His beautifully crafted moments of intricacy and complex characters will be brought to life for the first time at Bedlam Theatre.

Cast and Crew


Assistant Technical Manager Katherine Bull

Director Liam Rees

Producer Callie Stylianou

Props Master Alvaro Gallego

Set Manager Luise Kocaurek

Stage Manager Angela O'Callaghan

Technical Manager Huw Jones


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