This show finished on Saturday 06 November 2004, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Tuesday 02 November - Saturday 06 November 2004


Bedlam Theatre




Joseph Kesselring


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Come and check in to the Brewster’s guest house, the cosiest lodgings east of the Bates Motel. With a colourful array of residents from the elderly Brewster sisters to the young Teddy Roosevelt, not a day passes without event. All are welcome to wander the house at leisure, with the exception of the basement, which guests are forbidden to enter at any time… Later re-made as a film starring Carey Grant, Arsenic and Old Lace was a smash hit on Broadway with its perfect blend of suspense, humour, and flair for the macabre.

Cast and Crew

Abby Brewster
Eliza Hooper
Martin Cavannagh
Dr. Einstein
Al Smith
Elaine Harper
Ellie Buchan
Guy Walken
David Reed
Jonathan Brewster
Alex Marx
Lieutenant Rooney
John Wilkinson
Martha Brewster
Fleur Shepherd
Mortimer Brewster
Alex Marx
Mortimer Brewster
Peter Cameron
Mr. Witherspoon
Richard Rowlatt
Officer Brophy
Simon Neville
Officer Klein
Shaunie Brett
Officer O'Hara
Evan Placey
Rosamund Drew
Stage Manager
Matt Ling
Technical Manager
James Turner Inman
Teddy Brewster
Alex Devine
The Rev. Dr. Harper
Charlie Birchall