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Tuesday 04 November - Saturday 08 November 2008


Bedlam Theatre




Matrin Crimp


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Martin Crimp’s Attempts on Her Life represents one of the high points of experimental theatre, of any theatre, written in the last quarter-century” Culture Wars

17 scenarios tracing the shape-shifting, elusive figure of Anne. Is she a right-wing American survivalist or a singles holiday host? A victim of ethnic violence or a new car? The saviour of the world or just the girl next door? The company examines Anne’s identity, as much an obsession in the late 20th century as it remains under the persistent scrutiny of our society.

Photos made by James Baster.

Cast and Crew

Martin Heavens
Shaunie Brett
Henry Peters
Christina Logue
Ben Davies
Polly Bennett
Amanda Mahr
Bella Rowe
Robin Stewart
'The Camera Loves You'
Malcom Bennett
'The Girl Next Door'
Simon Burrow
Virginia Gray
Antonia Alonzo
Finlay Gall
Film Assistant
Tom Janson
Film Crew
Luke Blaney
Film Crew
Adam Alton
Fran Walker
Scene 7 Director
Jay Sheldon
Stage Manager
George Ransley
Technical Manager
Xander Macmillan
The Company
Tom Shah
Video Manager
Rebecca White


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