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Chagos 1971


Friday 25 January 2019


Bedlam Theatre




Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller


Bedfest 2019


The Thick of It meets imperial history. And, believe it or not, a true story. You won’t believe your eyes. In a Parliament building in April 1971, five government reps were tasked with a surreal mission: find a way to clear 2,000 indigenous people off the Chagos Archipelago, in the Indian Ocean. What they decided is so absurd you may not believe it, but this here is a true story. A new play for Bedlam Festival 2019 penned by Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller, CHAGOS 1971 shines a light on a chapter in history so surprising it’s ridiculous, and so recent it’s still being dealt with today. Come see for yourself!

Cast and Crew


Actor ("Bud" Zumwalt) Angus Bhattacharya

Actor (Bruce Greatbatch) Jack McConnell

Actor (Chops) Ewan Bruce

Actor (Dispatch) Gordon Stackhouse

Actor (Gordo) Anubhav Chowdhury

Actor (Gretchen Specter) Sophie Boyle

Actor (Narrator) Hannah McGurk

Actor (Sarah Yerland) Katrina Johnstone

Actor (Sheen) Jacob Baird

Actor (Terry Douglas) Giorgio Bounous

Assistant Director Camilla Makhmudi

Costume Manager Alison Maclean

Director and Writer Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller

Producer Aspen Pattinson

Stage Manager Antonia Hall

Tech Assistant George Manchester

Tech Manager Ali Al Hamadani


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