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Tuesday 15 February - Saturday 19 February 2005


Bedlam Theatre




Al Smith


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Mathisson Chalk - living in New York City with his producer, Marco, and his assistant, Celia, is having a spot of trouble with his latest play, Civil Lincoln: it’s a two-hander about how Lincoln built the state on lies, and his cast just walked out. Bobby Chalk - stagnating in London, forlornly chasing after his bookstore love, Alice - is nevertheless lighting up a flagging career as a writer, with his biography of Turing picky up good reviews. When Mathisson’s Lincoln passes the Turing test and demands and rewrite of the ending, it’s up to Bobby to stop the world caving in…

Cast and Crew

Abraham Lincoln, Marco Hanniball & Evander Dalmitt
Peter Cameron
Alice, Celia & Jessica
Elizabeth Humphreys
Assistant Stage Manager
Gavin Barrett Ayres
Amy Cook
Al Smith
Mathisson Chalk & Bobby Chalk
James Yeatman
Jeremy Bidgood
Ruth Wilkinson
Julia Baker
Chris Mounsey
Stage Manager
Frank Turnbull
Technical Manager
James Turner Inman
Theatre Conversion Crew
Matt Grey
Theatre Conversion Crew
Heather Hanshaw
Theatre Conversion Crew
Ruth Wilkinson
Theatre Conversion Crew
Graeme Wright
Theatre Conversion Crew
Alistair Marshall
Theatre Conversion Crew
Louise Franklin
Theatre Conversion Crew
Alex Engel
Theatre Conversion Crew
Gavin Barrett Ayres
Theatre Conversion Crew
Tom Latter
Theatre Conversion Crew
Cat Smith
Video Tech
David Reed


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