This show finished on Friday 12 November 2021, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

Escape the Bedlam


Wednesday 10 November - Friday 12 November 2021


Bedlam Theatre


£2.50 + fees | £6 UoE non-members | £11 all other non-members


Phoebe Kellogg


Bedlam Theatre is now the site of two terrible tragedies. Come join us and test your skills by solving puzzles, conundrums, and maybe even a crime! Will the criminals get away? Will the mysterious disappearances be solved? And will you, dear friends, escape?

Technically, you need to be a member to participate, however you can purchase membership and a ticket at the same time, and together they are cheaper than buying them separately!

To get more information about the different kinds of tickets, please choose a performance time and press “Book now”

Cast and Crew


Actor (Dr. V) Aoife Purkiss

Actor (The Detective) Huw Turnbull

Actor (Zoo Keeper) Sulakna Herath

Co-Stage Manager Nell DiPasquantonio

Co-Stage Manager Em Leites McPherson

Director / Writer Phoebe Kellogg

Producer Lewis Forman

Sound Advisor Mick Zijdel

Sound Assistant Bryant Bayhan

Sound Designer Nicola Rivosecchi

Tech Manager / Lighting Designer Lois Zonnenberg


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