This show finished on Saturday 25 February 2012, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Tuesday 21 February - Saturday 25 February 2012




Ray Bradbury


Intellectual? That’s a swear word.

Drop discipline. Kill Latin. Poison English. Damn grammar. Forget spelling. Empty the theatres. Shut the cinemas.

Why? Don’t want folks talking to each other on the way of the plays, do you?

And there is a thing about burning.

Cast and Crew

Costume Designer
Olivia Rose Hulme
Craig Methven
Lighting Operator
Ruth Luckins
Productions Manager
Celia Dugua
Projection Operator
Tim Matson
Publicity/Animation Designer
Amy Shields
Sound Designer
Tom Turner
Stage Manager
Pippa Atkins
Stage Manager
Emily Woolfenden
Stage Manager
Hetty Tapper
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