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The year is 1977. The man is Richard Nixon. The rest is history.


Wednesday 12 October - Saturday 15 October 2016


Bedlam Theatre




Peter Morgan


It’s election year in the US. Politics as we know it is out the window, a demagogue is a serious contender for Commander-in-Chief, and reasonable debate seems like a fantasy. What better time to look back at one of America’s other most politically revolutionary moments: Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal, and the British talk show host who aimed to withdraw the truth.

Peter Morgan’s play, made into a film of the same name in 2008 by Ron Howard, follows British talk-show host David Frost as he decides to turn his career around with a story like no other - the confession of a President.

Cast and Crew


Director Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller

Producer Patrick Beddow

Stage Manager Andra Gavin

Tech Assistant Iona Tangri

Tech Assistant Anna Benoit

Tech Assistant Rob Phipps

Technical Manager Louis Caro



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